A little bit more about Kelly...

My name is Kelly, and I’m a lover of all things GOOD! Good fun, good food, good people, good conversation, good times, and definitely a good book.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed writing. Sometimes I could see myself publishing a book, but that vision would come and go. Why? It was mainly because I wrote for enjoyment, for therapy, and for conversations with God. Well, here I am, publishing my first book and a devotional journal to compliment it! These are exciting times, indeed!
While author is the newest title added to my resume, it’s not the most important. My starring role is wife to Brandon Roberson and mother to three beautiful children (Brandon II, Isaiah Jonathan, and Danielle Olivia). After family, pastoring Worship Life Church in Arizona, alongside my husband, is a joy I am blessed to experience! I am a homeschool mom with a Masters Degree in Public Administration, I’m a licensed insurance agent, and I worked in corporate America until I became a mom (to be) in 2011.  I’ve seen more success in my life than I have failures, and I’ve laughed more than I have cried.
Mentally; however, I lived my life in fear more days than not. I hesitated, I “didn’t do,” I ignored open doors, and perhaps missed some life-changing opportunities, all because of fear. To suffer mentally is a lonely road. To be bound by fear and anxiety is a scary road. To be in an invisible prison is miserable, and I thought, on many days, “man, if I could just get on the other side of this fear!” When you read the book, you’ll have the opportunity to share in some of my experiences.
I will tell you, and anyone else in the world, this one truth, truer than any feeling of fear or anxiety: GOD is a Deliverer, He is a Healer, and He absolutely, positively, does NOT want you to live in fear. He absolutely delivered me and set me free! And He can do the same for you! Do you want to know how? READ THE BOOK! COMPLETE THE DEVOTIONAL JOURNAL! There’s no way you will be the same afterwards!
Thank you for visiting my page. Thank you for supporting this cause for freedom! Feel free to stay in touch, share your stories and testimonies, and definitely share the link for others who deal with fear on any level.
Love you!